We offer only a high-quality straw for your animals.


We offer you wheat straw, barley straw and oats straw, straw in big or small angular bales, cut or uncut.

Straw is collected from flat fields of Danubian Lowland. That's why the entire process of harvesting, baling and storage can be executed in the course of 2 up to 3 days. As a result, the probability of straw damage due to bad weather is reduced. The process of seeding, baling and storage is controlled. Therefore, the high quality of our straw is guaranteed. Straw bales are then stored in hangars in order to protect them from bad weather. The humidity of straw throughout the baling and the storage always stays under 14 %.

Wheat straw

Thanks to its excellent hygroscopic (absorptive) properties (when used as a bedding), it is our most required kind of straw. Beef and horse breeders prefer it. While baling, wheat straw is cut into 5 to 10 cm long pieces. This method is used in order to increase its digestibility while feeding and also to increase its absorptive properties while bedding. If requested, the wheat straw can be delivered uncut, which is convenient especially for horse breeders.

Barley straw

It is used mainly as bedding for beef. If the barley straw is about to be used for beef breeding, it has to be cut into the smallest pieces possible.

Oats straw

It has great dietetic effects and is therefore suitable for beef, horse and sheep breeding.

Depending on the baling devices which were used, the proportions of the big angular bales can be 90x120x240 cm or 100x120x240 cm. Their weight can reach 450 up to 500 kg depending on the pressing device used. The proportions of the small angular bales are ca. 50x40x70 cm and their weight reaches 15 up to 20 kg depending on the pressing device used.

If you wish, you can choose the proportions of your bale and we will produce it just like you requested.