Our hay is always nicely fresh and it has a high nutritional value.


Every year we prepare following kinds of hay for you: meadow hay, meadow hay from ecological agriculture and lucerne hay.

Our goal is your satisfaction. That's why we offer you hay of high quality. The grass is usually mowed before its flowering so the hay has a high nutritive value. The hay is then stored in hangars in order to prevent the quality reduction of hay bales. In hangars, it is protected from the effects of bad weather. The humidity of hay while baling and storage always stays under 15%. The hay will be delivered in big angular bales, small angular bales or round bales.

Meadow hay

is cultivated in mountain-foot and mountain areas. It contains various kinds of grass and herb. As its use is universal (for beef, horses and other ruminants breeding), it is often requested by our customers.

Meadow hay from ecological agriculture

Hay from ecological (BIO) agriculture is more and more requested. Therefore, while producing it, we respect all the rules of ecological (BIO) agriculture. This kind of hay is delivered along with a certificate which proves that it comes from ecological (BIO) agricultural production according to the Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007.

Lucerne hay

It is the most nutritive hay which contains a lot of proteins and has great dietetic properties. It is convenient for beef breeders who focus on milk production.

Depending on the baling devices which were used, the proportions of the big angular bales can be 90x120x240 cm or 100x120x240 cm. Their weight can reach 500 up to 620 kg depending on the pressing device used. Round hay bales are 120 cm high; their diameter is 120 up to 150 cm. Their weight reaches 260 up to 380 kg, depending on the pressing device used. The proportions of the small angular bales are ca. 50x40x70 cm and their weight reaches 18 up to 20 kg depending on the pressing device used.

If you wish, you can choose the proportions of your bale and we will produce it just like you requested.