We will be glad to advice you with your questions.


Where can I find the price of hay/straw?

You need to fill out the form in the subpage Price and mention whether you are looking for hay or straw. Next, we need to know the size and form of the bales (the bigger size of the bale you choose, the lower the price is), the country you come from and your zip code, so that we know exactly the place where the hay/straw will be delivered. After you finish the form, send it and we will contact you as soon as possible with the price determined by the quantity chosen by you.

Once I receive your answer concerning the price, do I have to order the hay/straw?

There is no obligation for you to make the order once you know the price. The price establishment serves you to decide whether the price is convenient for you. Every customer receives their own price which depends on the quantity of the goods ordered, the bales size and the distance where the hay/straw will be delivered.

How does the ordering and delivery of the hay/straw work?

First of all, you fill out the form in the subpage Price. Next, we will contact you with the best price possible. If the price is OK for you, we will send you a definite order which you will send us back after you filled it out. In the definite order, you will find the exact number of bales, their form and size, the place where the bales will be delivered and the delivery date. The order will be sent after that.

When do I have to pay for the hay/straw I ordered?

You pay for the goods once they were delivered to the place you mentioned in the definite order. You can pay in cash or by bank transfer to the bank account of EKOHERBA s.r.o. (LLC) which is also mentioned in the definite order.

When is the price of hay/straw the lowest?

As you pay not only for the hay/straw but also for its transfer, the price will be the lowest in case you order a whole truck. In case of the big angular straw bales, we are able to load the truck with 17 up to 20 tons of hay/straw. For the small bales of straw/hay, it is 10 up to 12 tons, for the round bales of hay, the truck can be loaded with 10 up to 13 tons. If the quantity requested by you is lower, the hay/straw will be delivered to you in a smaller lorry or a delivery van.

How much of hay/straw are you able to provide?

We usually deliver a whole truck of hay/straw to our customers. On demand, we deliver a smaller amount of hay/straw in a smaller lorry or a delivery van.

Can a truck of hay/straw be ordered by more than one customer?

Several customers can order one truck. Each customer will receive their own invoice for the quantity they ordered.

How will you determine the final price of hay/straw?

Every delivery of hay/straw is weighed while loading it into the vehicle. If you are able to weigh the goods at home, you can check it.

How is the hay/straw charged?

The price is charged for a ton of hay/straw.

In which bales is the hay/straw the cheapest?

The price for a ton of hay/straw is the lowest in case you order big angular bales (proportions: 120x90x240 cm), then in case you order the round ones. The highest price is for the small angular bales of hay/straw which is caused by a complicated manipulation and a lower weight that is loaded into the truck, and therefore the transport cost increases.

Are you able to provide me with other forages?

If you are interested in other forage, you are free to contact us via the contact form in the subpage Contact. We will then provide you with the forage you requested. Most frequently, we deliver these kinds of forages to our customers: corn, wheat, oat and barley.